Kunglers – Gwyneth & Mikonos

Barbra and Ava just released two new dresses, Gwyneth & Mikonos.  How do I not love my job? Seriously!

Gwyneth, a new addition to the Couture line, is a khaki colored skirted dress.  I think what drew me into the oufit was the top with the rouching and the pleats.  Ever since the release of Amazonia, a green dress with the same look as this top, I have been wanting a shirt like the one in Gwyneth. The flower detail is perfect.

Mikonos is a one pieces dress that has a sheer skirted base.  This outfit comes with a matching bracelet and black nailpolish … gotta love the added accessories these ladies have in their designs!

Meet me at the Mainstore and join the group to find out the details for both these pics.

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