Kunglers – Serenah & Atlantis

Ava and Barbra have been busy! They are so proud to have worked on this Seven Seas collection … and eager to release them to you. Without any further delay, here are Atlantis and Serenah!

Atlantis is a sophicated white strapless dress.  I think the tutu skirt is my favorite with the double layers.  This outfit comes with the large pearl necklace.  Another reason to shop at Kunglers – most designs are packed with accessories

Serenah is the other with the rich reds and bold golds.  What surprised me is the tattoo.  Yup. A tattoo.  So very feminine from the flowing dual skirt layers to the finey detailed armbands.

As always, I will release the picture details in our group.  Also, keep up to date on some of the new and exciting things that are planned for Kunglers.  We have many great ideas planned in the near future – be the first to hear, be in the group. Using the Search button, type in “Kunglers Fashion Designs” and click join. Easy!

Check out the Mainstore for both these designs.


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