Kunglers New Releases: Fidji & Fantasia

Hello Fashionates – Its been a great first day being connected with the Kunglers team.  I was a pleasure to have meet some of the group members at the Mainstore.  Everyone has been so welcoming.

As I was off greeting everyone, Ava and Barbra were launching two new designs.  The first is called Fidji.  Its an adorable cropped pant set with two shirt options.  What really drew me into Kunglers is that some of the designs come with jewelry.  Fudji comes with silver hoop earrings.  What a great deal for the price!  Also with the outfit, there are matching fishnets.  Super chic for this season!

The next design is called Fantasia.  This is the newest for the Couture collection.  The green and purple color combo is not only my favorite color pairing but also so stunning together for this flowy gown. It will be a sure to turn heads are you hit the dance floor. 

To pick up your own copies, swing by Kunglers.  Also, if you join the group, I plan to do a style guide with each of the releases so you can see what I used in both looks.

If you see me in the store, please do stop to say hello.  See you all very soon.
Luna Jubilee


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