Passions of Black Swan

It was an honor and a great pleasure designing for Black Swan sim. Being inspired there is pretty easy. I remember when i first went there. I was speechless, and from the very first moment, i loved the fire and “following” the path is realy a great trip. So, for this time, my inspiration become the fire flowing from the earth, like a volcano. The gown is versatile on its own, and the jewellery comes in 2 versions.
The dress is shown and for sell at the Black Swan sim, till september 30th.

Kunglers- Couture: Volcana

And we have also two new complete outfits on shops.

Juliette – Its a 60’s mod look, in classic pattern. The set has also jewellery and polished nails included

Nadja: Casual chic in short pants. The set includes double beaded necklace and stripped stocking

This week free for Kunglers group members is a girlie dress, with top aside. Only till sunday 21th


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