Today a new round at L’Accessoires started. We offer this exclusive set of earrings which are part of our Spring Collection – Terra Brasilis

(Kunglers Extra) Esplendor AD

5 color options sold separately or as pack

(Kunglers Extra) Esplendor earrings - vendor rose

(Kunglers Extra) Esplendor earrings - vendor amber

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New Collection

Two more statement sets from the Terra Brasilis Collection are now on shop

Both are available in 5 color options

(Kunglers Extra) Arara ad

(Kunglers Extra) Arara

(Kunglers Extra) Cruce ad

(Kunglers Extra) Cruce

(Kunglers Extra) Arara vendor golden green

(Kunglers Extra) Arara vendor silver red

(Kunglers Extra) Cruce vendors golden pink

(Kunglers Extra) Cruce vendors copper coffee

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Terra Brasilis Collection

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah Ad

The Spring 2014 Collection of jewelry  will be released in parts during March/April. “Manacah” is the first piece of the collection inspired in Brazilian culture and it’s flora, and is  available during L’Accessoires new round, from March 15th –  April 15th. There are 5 color options to be sold separately or as a pack.

The set comes with necklace and pair of earrings.

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah vendors - lavender

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah vendors - cherry

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah vendors - Candy

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah vendors - black

(Kunglers Extra) Manacah vendors - crystal

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